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HIA vs Aptech PVNG

HIA and Aptech PVNG both offer hotel-specific financial management software with add-on Business Intelligence. In a showdown between HIA versus Aptech PVNG, Who is the Best Choice?

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The Rundown

While both HIA and Aptech PVNG offer cloud-based hotel accounting, the difference is in the level of sophistication of the software. As a modern ERP, HIA’s technology includes dashboards, automations and workflows, plus an Open API for integrations with 250+ partners. The advanced functionality includes features like Accounts Receivable for management company use and additional back office modules that go beyond accounting, like Project/Construction Management. 

Aptech PVNG covers the accounting basis but does not have the same level of technological advancement as HIA. The system does not include dashboards, has less automations, does not have an Open API for integrations, and does not offer modules beyond property accounting, such as for management company use.

Feature Comparison

Features & Functionality
Aptech PVNG
Daily Reports
Document Management
Budgeting & Forecasting
Business Intelligence
Full Mobile Capabilities
Expense Management
Real-Time Bank Balances
Dynamic Approval Process
Enhanced Reporting
STR Connectivity
Custom Daily Report per Property
Drill Down on Reports
Report Scheduler
Custom Cover Sheet
Labor Management
Two Factor Authentication
Secure by User and Device
Change Passwords Yourself
Ease of Use
Fully Browser-based
Knowledge Base integrated
Search Capabilities within System
Drag & Drop Files
Two-Way Excel Integration
Asset Management
Accounts Receivable
Advanced Intercompany
Contract Management
Project / Construction Management
Fixed Assets
Pricing and Implementation
Unlimited Users Included
Open API

What Do Our Customers Say About HIA?

Scot Hopps, VP Operations

Lark Hotels

Top 5 Differentiators

Differentiator #1:

HIA Offers Modern User Experience


As an advanced ERP & Accounting system, HIA has a fresh user-friendly design and robust modules that cover full back office functionality. HIA is continuously developing new functionality with quarterly and semi-annual software releases to stay ahead of the curve in both features and technical capability.

HIA’s user-friendly design features include a Built-in Knowledge base, Page-specific Help buttons, a Universal Search bar, and a Favorites tab to jump to favorite reports quickly without going into individual modules first, among others. 

As an ERP system, HIA offers full back office functionality with modules that go beyond accounting, like Project/Construction Management and Inventory, so your team can operate from one consolidated system.

On the tech side, HIA’s automations and features like Dynamic Multi-Approver workflows and Anomaly Reporting powered by machine learning, make sure your team always has the data they need for best decision making.

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Aptech PVNG

Aptech PVNG is the more updated, cloud-based version of Aptech’s established accounting software Profitvue. The system has some additional functionality, but the user interface still comes across as older

For example, one issue is that invoice images cannot be attached at the property level, only at the management company level, which can create challenges.

The system covers accounting specific modules, but does not have additional back-office functionality beyond accounting.

There are also some newer tech advances that the system does not include, like no built-in knowledge base, no copy and paste option for transactions, and more limited search capabilities within the system. There is an AP approval process, but it is not dynamic. (Where you can set up workflow rules, ex. by dollar threshold.)

Differentiator #2:

HIA Includes Automations and Workflows


With its advanced ERP structure, there are automations and workflows that come as part and parcel of HIA. Some of these include the Report Scheduler –  which automatically sends out reports by email; the Dynamic Approval process for expense approvals; and Daily Report automations such as Daily/Monthly Journal Entries, Cash Management, the Dashboard feed; and many more.

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Aptech PVNG

Aptech’s older infrastructure is not designed for as many automations and workflows. For example, there is no dynamic expense approval process (workflow), and there are more limited automations stemming from the daily report.

Differentiator #3:

HIA is Built for Tight Integrations


HIA’s advanced ERP system is designed for speed and tight integrations. The Open API structure enables maximum integration partner options and an ideal data connection. HIA offers 250+ tight integrations so customers can choose the best connection options for their business.

One of HIA’s most popular features is the BankConnect module which streams in live bank balances from regional and national banks across the customers’ portfolio. This enables hotel accountants and executives to stay current with the portfolio cash position at any time without leaving the HIA system. 

Another popular integration is HIA’s Excel Connect powered by Velixo which offers a 2-way Excel integration, so users can enjoy the flexibility of Excel while pulling live data from the HIA system, and then write back any changes into HIA.

Also, HIA can automatically stream in important partner data, like STR reporting, directly into the system for complete ease of use.

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Aptech PVNG

Aptech PVNG does not have an Open API structure for integrations, which can limit the number of integration partners due to the time and customization work required for each integration. 

Aptech does not provide a live bank balance connection or a 2-way Excel integration. There is import capability with STR, but this seems to be a manual import rather than an automatic feed.

Differentiator #4:

HIA Includes Dashboards and a Mobile App


HIA includes sophisticated features such as Dashboarding and a Mobile App. The Dashboards are great for at-a-glance insights into KPIs at a property and portfolio level. Users can be set up with specific dashboards based on user role, or add favorite widgets to their own dashboards.

HIA’s Mobile Application is top-rated by PCMag Best Business and gives users the ability to stay connected on-the-go with full functionality at their fingertips. Users can review P&Ls, revise budgets, approve AP, submit expenses, and more. All changes are automatically synchronized within seconds to the full HIA system.

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Aptech PVNG

There are no dashboards or data visualizations offered in the PVNG software. The system does not have a mobile app.

Differentiator #5:

HIA Offers Management Company Functionality


As an ERP system, HIA comes out of the box with extensive modules and robust capabilities. Not only does it offer full Hospitality-Specific Accounting, but it offers features and additional options for enterprise-level portfolios and management companies.

This includes features that enable management companies to run their own corporate financials from the same platform as their hotels. HIA has a full Accounts Receivable module for management company billing as well as advanced Intercompany billing to easily split transactions among a group of hotels or across the whole portfolio, with or without an invoice.

Plus, HIA offers full back-office functionality with additional modules like Contract Management, Project/Construction Management, Purchase Orders, Multi-Currency, and more. We have several customers who use the Multi-Currency feature to manage both their US and International hotels from within the same system.

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Aptech PVNG

The system has solid accounting-specific features, but lacks additional back office functionality beyond accounting, such as Project/Construction Management.

There is an Accounts Receivable module, but it is unclear if the level is sufficient for management company or advanced intercompany use, or more suited to property level transactions.

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