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HIA vs Inn-Flow

HIA and Inn-Flow both offer hotel-specific financial management software. In a showdown between HIA versus Inn-Flow, Who is the Best Choice?

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The Rundown

The main distinction between the two software is the level of sophistication. As an ERP system, HIA comes with enterprise level modules and robust technical capabilities. This includes the functionality to help large portfolios and management companies run more efficiently.

Inn-Flow has a modern software design with some automations, but more suited to limited service hotels and small portfolios, without the advanced reporting capabilities of HIA.

Feature Comparison

Features & Functionality
Daily Reports
Document Management
Budgeting & Forecasting
Business Intelligence
Full Mobile Capabilities
Expense Management
Real-Time Bank Balances
Dynamic Approval Process
Not Dynamic
Enhanced Reporting
STR Connectivity
Custom Daily Report
Drill Down on Reports
Report Scheduler
Custom Cover Sheet
Labor Management
Two Factor Authentication
Secure by User and Device
Not by Device
Change Passwords Yourself
Ease of Use
Fully Browser-based
Knowledge Base integrated
Search Capabilities within System
Drag & Drop Files
Two-Way Excel Integration
Open API
Asset Management
Accounts Receivable
Advanced Intercompany
Contract Management
Project / Construction Management
Fixed Assets

What Do Our Customers Say about HIA?

Scot Hopps, VP Operations

Lark Hotels

Top 5 Differentiators

Differentiator #1:

HIA Offers Advanced Accounting


As a sophisticated ERP & Accounting system, HIA comes out-of-the-box with rich features, extensive modules, and robust technical capabilities suited for both limited and full service hotels, restaurants, multi-property portfolios and management companies. This includes great report consolidation features for portfolio wide reporting, detailed dashboards with KPIs, and advanced reporting options, like including budget/forecast percentages in reporting.

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Inn-Flow is a modern, cloud-based hotel accounting system, though designed more for limited service hotels and smaller portfolios. The user interface is known for being approachable and easy to use, but doesn’t offer the same level of in-depth accounting for full-service hotels and/or larger portfolios. The dashboards are more limited (primarily AP status summaries, rather than reporting or KPI metrics) and the reporting is less advanced – such as no options to include budget or forecast percentages for tracking against budget/forecast.

Differentiator #2:

HIA has Management Company Functionality


HIA includes functionality to help large portfolios and management companies run more efficiently. This includes the capability for management companies to run their own corporate books on the same platform as their hotels.

In HIA, the Accounts Receivable module is perfect for management company billing and there are options to automate the monthly billing process. The module also offers advanced Intercompany billing functionality to easily split transactions among a group of hotels or across the whole portfolio, with or without an invoice.

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Inn-Flow does not offer Accounts Receivable or have Advanced Intercompany capabilities. This means that management companies still need to use a separate software to manage their corporate financials, and without advanced Intercompany functionality there can be challenges splitting transactions/invoices.

Differentiator #3:

HIA has Enterprise Level Modules


As an ERP software, HIA offers full back office functionality with additional optional enterprise level modules such as Contract Management, Project/Construction Management, Purchase Orders, Multi-Currency, and more. Several HIA customers enjoy the Multi-Currency feature to manage both their US and international properties from within the same system. These optional modules give companies room to grow and expand within HIA.

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Inn-Flow’s module offerings are less enterprise – they do include some modules beyond accounting – but with less focus on functionality for larger portfolios. There is no dedicated Contract Management feature to actively stay on top of expiration dates, no Project/Construction Management module, or any Multi-Currency functionality.

Differentiator #4:

HIA has an Advanced User Interface


HIA is continuously developing new functionality with quarterly and semi-annual software releases to stay ahead of the curve in both features and technical capability. The user-friendly design includes a Built-in Knowledge base, Page-specific Help buttons, a Universal Search bar, and a Favorites tab to jump to reports quickly without going into individual modules first, among others. The system also includes workflows, such as a Dynamic Expense Approval Process, where expenses can be routed to different reviewers based on set parameters.

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The user interface is modern, but not quite as advanced as HIA.  It has search capability within the system, but it seems more limited to accounting transaction history rather than a universal search.

There is no built-in knowledge base. There is an expense approval process, but it is not a dynamic workflow. For example, there is no way to route someone only higher dollar invoices. If someone is added as a reviewer, that person must review all invoices.

Differentiator #5:

Daily Report Automations


HIA’s Daily Report has a high level of flexibility, formulas, and automations. The automations stemming from the Daily Report include:

Some of the flexibility includes the ability to synthesize multiple report types into the Daily Report if desired, to correct the Daily Report and corresponding Journal Entry right from the Daily Report screen, and to identify an out-of-balance and update data all from the same screen. Then the built-in Review Days are another great feature that give GMs the flexibility to correct an out-of-balance report while continuing to stay current in reporting.

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The system does not offer the same level of automations related to the daily report. For example, the daily journal entries are not automatically created and must be entered manually.

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