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HIA vs. Sage Intacct

HIA and Sage Intacct both offer cloud-based financial management software. In a showdown between HIA and Sage Intacct, Who is the Best Choice?
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The Rundown

While it may look like Sage Intacct has the features and functionality that your organization needs in terms of modules and automations, don’t forget about the requirements of hotel-specific financial management.
The time and cost to customize Sage Intacct for hotels typically doesn’t add up compared to the functionality you get from hotel-specific software. This is especially true when you look at a modern, true-cloud, feature-rich ERP software like Hotel Investor Apps (HIA), with robust modules, automations, and workflows.

Feature Comparison

Features & Functionality
Sage Intacct
Daily Reports
After Customization
Document Management
Budgeting & Forecasting
Native Business Intelligence
Built-in PMS and POS integrations
Full Mobile Capabilities
Expense Management
Real-Time Bank Balances
Dynamic Approval Process
Enhanced Reporting
STR Connectivity
Hotel Analytics
After Customization
USALI Hotel Acounting System
After Customization
Hotel-Specific Reporting
After Customization
Drill Down on Reports
Report Scheduler
Labor Management
Two Factor Authentication
Change Passwords Yourself
Secure by User and Device
Ease of Use
Fully Browser-based
Search Capabilities within System
Drag & Drop Files
Two-Way Excel Integration
Asset Management
Accounts Receivable
Contract Management
Fixed Assets
Pricing & Integrations
Unlimited Users Included
Open API

What do our Customers Say About HIA?

Lisa Osinga, Director of Finance

Canadian Niagara Hotels

Top 5 Differentiators

Differentiator #1:

HIA Comes Pre-Built for Hospitality


As an advanced ERP & Accounting software designed for hotels, HIA comes out-of-the-box with all the modules, reports, and hotel-specific analytics that hoteliers need to run their businesses.

This includes having the right financial basis with the USALI hotel accounting system, and the right reporting structure to handle portfolios with multi-entity businesses, like full service hotels with restaurants and retail outlets.

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Sage Intacct

As a modern, cloud-based financial management software, Sage Intacct is built for general business accounting and its functionality is broad enough to serve a wide swath of industries. 

However, hotels require specific reporting and analytics to manage performance that are not included in Sage Intacct’s out-of-the-box functionality. The time and cost investment to customize Sage Intacct for hotels can be substantial.

Differentiator #2:

HIA Includes PMS & POS Integrations


HIA’s system is designed for tight integrations with PMS and POS systems. The data is automatically pulled into HIA and then routed into different workflows, such as automatically creating Daily/Monthly Journal Entries, feeding Cash Management, and feeding data into the dashboards.

The Daily Report itself has a high level of flexibility and advanced functionality so the data can be easily synthesized from multiple sources if desired, and customized. 

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Sage Intacct

With Sage Intacct there are no built-in integrations for PMS or POS systems. These integrations would either need to be built, or accessed through a third party business intelligence provider.

Differentiator #3:

Track Hotel Analytics with HIA


HIA comes pre-built with the hotel-specific analytics you need to run your portfolio such as Rooms Sold, Occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, Per Occupied Room cost, etc. These metrics and KPIs are tracked across Reporting, in real-time Dashboards, and accessible on-the-go in HIA’s top-rated Mobile Application.

The built-in industry reports also allow hoteliers to view and benchmark both performance and expenses across the portfolio, for better insights and decision making.

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Sage Intacct

These analytics are not included. They are something that a hospitality consultant would have to design and build out for your organization.

Differentiator #4:

HIA Offers Straightforward Pricing


With HIA you purchase directly from us and there is no middle-man. The setup costs include a one-time implementation fee per hotel and a one-time corporate training fee.

After that the pricing is monthly per hotel. HIA NEVER charges any per-user fees, so hotel companies can have as many team members in the system as they like.

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Sage Intacct

The software is purchased through a software consulting firm, rather than directly. For Sage Intacct to provide full hotel accounting functionality, there are 3 separate costs involved: 

(1) Annual software contract (based on number of users and the complexity of your organization)

(2) Software Customization Costs and Hospitality Consultant fees (implementation fee and monthly retainer)

(3) Third-party Business Intelligence fees (monthly/per hotel, for Reporting and BI)

Differentiator #5:

HIA Offers a Single Platform Business Intelligence


HIA’s ERP & Accounting software is a total back-office solution with optional Business Intelligence module that hoteliers can turn on for real-time analytics on their Operations, Finances, and Labor.

It is a great way to easily track labor and expenses across the portfolio, by region, or further subset. Hoteliers can see which hotels are their most profitable, and get notified as to any anomalies to protect profit margins.

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Sage Intacct

The software does not include any native business intelligence. Hoteliers seeking Business Intelligence need to contract with a separate third party company and then integrate that service with Sage.

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5 Questions When Considering Sage Intacct for Hotels

Get insightful questions to decide if the software is right for you. This download includes:

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