Business Intelligence

Manage your labor expenses with ultimate visibility. 

HIA Business Intelligence integrates your labor data with your financial and operational data in real-time, so you can analyze expenses and take decisive action. 

Monitor labor across your portfolio by hotel, department, and position. Then drill into the data to reward top performers and identify areas for improvement. Empower general managers to make data-driven decisions. Plus, set custom thresholds on metrics and receive notifications when action is needed. 

Stay in control of your expenses with HIA Business Intelligence for operational analysis and labor management.

Labor Management Business Intellignce Tool
  • Blend labor, financial, and operational data for 360 intelligence
  • Real time data for faster response
  • Benchmark expenses and custom metrics across your portfolio
  • Powerful analytics for greater control over expenses and more competitive hotels
  • One Platform. Access B.I. directly from HIA ERP account. 
HIA Business Intelligence Demo

HIA Business Intelligence and Labor Management Intro Video

Watch this 15 minute high-level demonstration of the HIA Business Intelligence tool to see how labor, financial and operational data can combine to create even greater intelligence to inform your hotel management decisions. 

“Hotel Investor Apps has been crucial during this time to measure & evaluate performance for all our locations. Our leaders are closely monitoring operating costs and benchmarking it across the portfolio to identify areas for further cost optimization & reduction”.
Hiten Suraj

President & CEO, Stay Cal Hospitality

“I find the HIA daily flash reports incredibly valuable with all the data I need integrated in one place. The intelligence I get from layered STR reports with my performance is so helpful”.

Kal Patel

President & COO, Image Hotels