Post-Pandemic Deja Vu

Post Pandemic Deja Vu by R. Mark Woodworth

“If I had ever been here before … I would probably know just what to do…”
David Crosby wrote these lyrics in the late 1960’s, a time when the war in Vietnam was at full force and the U.S. was entering economic recession…
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New Business Intelligence Integration with Inova

Hotel Investor Apps and Inova API Integration
Hotel Investor Apps (HIA), the leading hospitality ERP platform, announces its two-way, direct API integration with Inova Payroll (Inova), a national payroll and HR service provider, to streamline payroll processes and provide real-time labor business intelligence.
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Welcoming the Month of April

March login images
“April is a promise that May is bound to keep.”
– Hal Borland

Automatic Payments

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Is your company set up with Automatic Payments for HIA billing? As of October 2023 HIA began charging a $30 late fee for all accounts over 30 days late.
Stay on top of  due dates with automatic ACH payments. Please contact Ignacio Mello to get set up at or 410-489-7500 x 230.