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HIA’s Chip Fritsch on AI in Hotel Accounting

Chip Fritsch, COO of HIA, on the Power of AI in Hotel Accounting

“Unleashing the Power of AI for Hotel Accounting” a Hotel Business exclusive article shares the expert opinion of Charles “Chip” Fritsch, COO/ Co-Founder of Hotel Investor Apps of the ways that artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of hotel accounting. 

In the article, Fritsch discusses how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionize hotel accounting by improving accuracy, efficiency, and decision-making through applications such as anomaly detection, smart bank reconciliation, and automated accounts payable. Yet, despite the transformative potential, many hospitality companies struggle to integrate AI due to outdated accounting software. However, embracing modern, AI-compatible ERP platforms can help hotel companies streamline financial processes and maintain competitive profit margins.

Read the full article here. 


To see how Hotel Investor Apps is using Artificial Intelligence in our HIA ERP, Accounting and Business Intelligence suite, check out this video on 8 Ways to Use AI in Hotel Accounting and Business Intelligence. 

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