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Hotel Intelligence & Accounting
Software Built for Growth

Tired of manual entry processes and Excel reporting? Of data silos and poor visibility?

Embrace a streamlined future with a flexible, scalable solution built for the modern hotelier.

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Trusted by These Industry Leaders

How Does ERP Technology Make HIA Different?

Out of the box our platform comes with all the automations, workflows, reporting tools and dashboards that your operation needs.

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Next-Generation Technology

Stop wasting time and effort forcing an outdated solution, or a non-hotel ERP, to give you what you need.

Our industry-leading software has real-time reports and balances, visualized data, full mobile functionality, and much more.

What Our Customers Say...

Director of Finance
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"Honestly love the abilities provided by HIA. I have worked with many different softwares and companies over my career and the flexibility of the software is second to none."
General Manager
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"This is by far the best software I have used at a hotel. It is user friendly and has so many functions and is so easy to navigate."
Area Director of Operations
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"The user-friendliness of HIA means the most to me. It is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Training others on using the software isn't difficult compared to other systems I have used in the past. Searching for data is super easy with the various filters available to use. I love being able to review a P&L and easily drill-down specific line items to review invoices."
Chief Operating Officer
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"I like the reports and their professionalism. We also enjoy their reliability and timely response to challenges. Overall, we are delighted with HIA's services."
Director of Finance
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"The overall ease at which the site is set up, both visually and usability, is far superior to what was found with other software. The reports that come out of HIA are very easy to use."
Corporate Controller
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"HIA at its core is a great blend of financial software and easy access reporting. The Data is easy to manipulate to get the reports needed or correct/post as needed. The system can be adapted to the needs of the end user. Custom reports are a great benefit depending on your end users. The options to see multiple properties are once with independent reporting also is great."
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"I appreciate the Hotel Investor App for its ease of navigation and convenience. The layout, presentation and collation of items make it easy to manage input and output."
Operations Manager
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"Invoicing Efficiency has been increased greatly since using HIA. The ability to copy and paste old invoices makes posting recurring bills a breeze".
Accounts Payable Specialist
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"It is extremely helpful that invoices can easily be searched and tracked by invoice number and name to help prevent duplicates. Very easy to set up vendors. For budget purposes, it is easy to make sure invoices are put in the correct posting period."
Senior Director of Accounting
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"Hotel Investor Apps support has been amazing! I have worked with many accounting softwares before and compared to all, HIA has the best support."

Boost Efficiency

Transform complex, time consuming processes with automations and workflow built for hotels.

Close your books faster and with fewer errors.

Potential Time Savings

Hours Per Day
Hours Per Week
Hours Per Month

*Example based on a 20 hotel, limited-service portfolio.


Intelligence & Insight

Never second guess your operating decisions or miss critical details.

Our business intelligence module offers instant access to labor, operations, and financial performance in real time, so you stay in the know.

The system will spot anomalies and alert you immediately of any red flags so you can take action swiftly.

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HIA Accounting, Intelligence, Enterprise on a computer, tablet, or mobile device

Flexibility & Scalability

Feel confident growing your portfolio knowing that your accounting system is built to scale with you. 

HIA is fully customizable and designed for unlimited properties, unlimited users, and we never charge per-user fees.

Whitepaper: The Ultimate Hotel Accounting Software Implementation Guide

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The Ultimate Hotel Accounting Software Implementation Guide

What’s involved in changing hotel accounting software?

Get step-by-step guidance on best practices and estimated timeframes, as well as a breakdown of what is needed from your team. View the helpful infographic for at-a-glance steps.

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