ERP & Accounting Suite

Features and Benefits

Operate more efficiently on one application to manage your entire portfolio and get a complete picture of your financials anywhere, anytime.

Data in Real Time

Get data and respond immediately. Instant access to relevant and critical financial analysis and reporting for better decision making and quick action.

Benchmark Expenses

Monitor operating expenses to identify areas of cost optimization and reduction across your portfolio.

Eliminate Redundancies

More Automations than any other hotel accounting platform redirect staff time from tedious or redundant tasks to revenue generating activities. 

Competitive Advantage

Business Intelligence, scheduled reports, improved workflow, and real time and cost savings to gain a competitive edge. Get more done in less time.

Financial Management

A feature rich platform to handle accounting and business intelligence for large and diverse international hotel and mixed use portfolios, but accessible to use for smaller portfolios or even a single hotel operator.

  • Automated PMS Importing
  • Automated Bank Reconciliations
  • Intercompany Accounting
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Fully Customizable
  • Secure, Fast & Reliable

“HIA gives me the ability to get financials from all our companies in the same place, in the same format, and compare financials easily”.

Wes Hallmark– Director of Accounting, Makan Hospitality

“My favorite thing is the report customization. Reports give us the ability to present the right information and gather intelligence”.

Wes Hallmark– Director of Accounting, Makan Hospitality

Business Intelligence

Easier Access to Data to Inform Better Business Decisions and be More Competitive.

  • Ready Made Hospitality Reports
  • Relevant Data for Each User
  • Integrated with Tableau and Power BI
  • Benchmark Expenses Across Portfolio
  • Build Your Own Reports and Dashboards
  • Drill Down to Transaction Level Detail
  • Pull or Push Data From/ To Any Source

Budgets & Forecasts

One of the most important tools a Hotelier can develop is a process based budgeting and forecasting strategy. Our software allows a business owners to not only plan, but to analyze and make changes according to the needs of the enterprise. Your teams increased visibility will allow for informed business decisions and to develop data-driven strategies.

Be ready for anything with unlimited budgets and forecasting for best case to worst case scenarios.

  • Unlimited Budget and Forecast Scenarios
  • Use Approved Budgets in Comparative Reports
  • Build Budgets from Previous Years or from Other Similar Hotels in your Portfolio
  • Forecast Accuracy Reporting
  • Grant Access or Hide Sensitive GL codes
  • Unlimited “What If” Scenarios
  • Increase or Decrease by Percentage
  • Build Fully Customizable Drivers for Ultimate Flexibility
  • Compare One Budget to Another Instantaneously
  • Add note fields or attachments per line/budget/forcast
  • Simple Export and Import Features

“We are very pleased with the budgeting software. We are getting better data and building better reports”.

Paul Kloosterman– Director of Finance, Merani Hotel Group

Ready to see it live?

Mobile App

Full Functionality Mobile App Keeps You and Your Staff Productive from Anywhere. Review P&Ls, Revise Budgets, Approve Payments, Submit Expenses from any Apple or Android Phone or Tablet.

  • Full Control and Fast Access
  • Connect to Financial Data in Real-Time
  • Review & Analyze Data Remotely
  • All Changes are Automatically Synced
  • Integrated with Device Camera and Fingerprint Reader
  • Android and iOS

International Functionality

Manage hotels world-wide using advanced currency management and language preference features, to support international subsidiaries, vendors, and customers.

  • Switch Between Multi-Languages
  • Accounting in Base Currency or Foreign Currency
  • Automatically Calculate Realized Gains & Losses
  • Adjust Entries for Unrealized Gains/ Losses
  • Translate Complete Financial Statements


Create rules to automate processes and streamline operations. 

  • Automate & Schedule Recurring Actions
  • Schedule Reports
  • Send Reminders
  • Assign Tasks and Notifications
  • Set AP Approval Rules
  • Apply PO System Processes


Easily monitor your cash position with live bank balances streamed into the system. Update balances in real time by individual account or all accounts. 
* Add on service

  • Secure API with Visa owned platform
  • Save Time with Single Login for all banks
  • Log in once to last for weeks
  • Monitor Cash Postition
  • View Portfolio Wide Totals
  • Automatically Import Bank Transactions
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation
  • Send Money by ACH or FedWire
  • Visibility by User Security Settings

App Marketplace

Solutions for every aspect of your hotel business are available from 200+ integrated software services. Fully integrated so everything synces.

  • Fixed Assets
  • Automated AP
  • Tax Automation
  • Document Management
  • PO Management
  • Payroll
  • HR/ Time & Attendance
  • Point of Sale (POS)

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