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Exciting New Enhancements to HIA’s ERP & Accounting Software!

As part of our commitment to constantly improve our product, HIA reveals a new upgrade coming out soon. Existing users can be on the lookout for new enhancements to the system that help increase functionality in multiple ways. Here are some of the highlights for this upgrade:

Exciting New Integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has now been integrated with HIA. This change delivers collaboration within a single platform, eliminating the need for users to switch between multiple applications.

If an integration with Microsoft Teams has been set up, HIA users can interact through Microsoft Teams from within HIA, such as Start a Teams chat, Start a Teams call, Import files from Teams to HIA, Share HIA records with a contact or channel in Teams, and send automatic notifications in Teams about events occurring on a record. These options can be identified by the new Microsoft Teams buttons visible in HIA.

Enhanced Mobile App Experience

In the HIA mobile app, users can now customize the content on their main screen, by choosing which sections they want to see and in what order they are displayed. (Such as KPIs, favorites, etc.)

Additionally, if a company has selected a color scheme within the platform, the color scheme now flows through to the mobile app on several screens. The app will automatically change the color when a user signs in.

General System Updates

There are also several general system updates to make the user experience better. These include:

  • Renamed Document Types in AP and AR to align the document names with business standards and make their appearance more user-friendly
  • New Approval Workflow available for the Release of GL Transactions
  • Enhancements in GL Error Detection
  • New System Rules to help eliminate errors with Document Dates
  • Newly available GL Consolidation by Company
  • Naming Conventions updated for 1099 boxes to match those on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website
  • Enhancements to Business Events functionality

Looking Ahead

HIA is dedicated to continually improving our hotel intelligence and accounting platform and has more updates on the development road map for 2024 and beyond such as new integrations, more user-experience enhancements, and new business intelligence updates! We look forward to sharing those updates with users as they become available.

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