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Makan Hospitality takes their Back-Office to the Next Level

When Makan Hospitality, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, decided it was time to upgrade their back-office and accounting software, they chose the best and only full enterprise resource planning platform for the hotel industry: Hotel Investor Apps (HIA) ERP & Accounting software.

“Automated daily imports of PMS data was a big part of the decision. I really like the professionalism that the functionality provides. HIA gives me the ability to get financials from all our companies in the same place, in the same format, and compare financials easily”, said Wes Hallmark, Director of Accounting at Makan Hospitality.

Hotel Investor Apps offers financial management software which was designed specifically for hospitality and built on the ERP consistently rated one of the best ERP solutions on the market, Acumatica. Hotel Investor Apps has the most comprehensive hotel daily report available in the industry; as well as automations and integrations to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

“My favorite thing is the report customization. Having a report that is built for you is very beneficial. We spend a lot of time looking at T12 P&L; we found ways to make it better, and HIA delivered. Reports give us the ability to present the right information and gather intelligence”, continued Hallmark.

“Hoteliers need easy access to their data in real-time in order to take quick action”, puts in Charlie Fritsch, CEO Hotel Investor Apps. “HIA has over 250 reports that come standard, plus no-code custom report builder, and a custom report service. HIA’s dynamic reports give you the information you need to make informed decisions – so important in these volatile times”.

“In HIA, one time saving benefit starts with it being easy to spot user errors. It is easy to drill down to any value, vendor, etc. and look for information, and find that information. On the front end, we always attach corresponding records, so everything has a paper trail. It is one of the most beneficial things to have accounts receivable balance every month!”, said Hallmark.

Hotel Investor Apps offers state-of-the-art technology such as automated deferred revenue calculations, automated inter-company accounting journal entries, and automated bank reconciliation matching, resulting in significant time savings and reduced errors for a more efficient back-office.

For more information, contact Chris Hall, Executive Vice Principal Sales at

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