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New Enhancements to BankConnect!

The new BankConnect functionality offers more coverage of local banks.

Hotel Investor Apps (HIA), the hospitality-specific ERP and financial management platform, announced today a major developmental release to its BankConnect tool. The new functionality greatly expands the number of available financial institution integrations by offering seamless switching between the FinTech bank aggregators Plaid and MX. 

With the new seamless bank aggregator, HIA boasts more coverage of local banks, and more total banking integrations than any other accounting solution in the industry. MX connects more than 13,000 financial institutions nationally, and Plaid connects more than 12,000 US financial institutions and more internationally. 

BankConnect, as part of HIA’s ERP and Accounting platform, offers an API integration to stream real-time bank or other financial account balances directly to HIA dashboards, and mapped to HIA cash accounts, enabling users to view hotel and portfolio balances with single-sign-on and to monitor the cash position at a glance. Streamline bank reconciliation with automated bank transaction importing, and smart matching with machine learning. All stakeholders can be kept informed with balance reports run by region, portfolio, or account. 

“It’s exciting to be on the forefront of technology for the hospitality industry. We’ve seen first hand the benefits of integrated bank balances and transactions for HIA’s ERP & Accounting customers and I am happy to expand that functionality to even more financial institutions and local banks,” said Fernando Amadoz, Chief Development Officer at Hotel Investor Apps.

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What is HIA's BankConnect API?

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