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Press Release: HIA Launches Revolutionary Advanced History Import Tool

Hotel Investor Apps (HIA), the most advanced hotel-specific Accounting & Business Intelligence software, has just announced the launch of a new industry-first import capability.

Designed exclusively by HIA’s software development team, this feature enables hoteliers switching accounting software to import GL level historical transaction detail, for the first time in the industry. 

This means whereas other systems only allow Trial Balance level import detail, which shows the account value at the end of the month, the General Ledger (GL) level import detail allows hoteliers to see the actual activity in the account, such as why a cash account changed $50,000 in a month.

This level of detail allows for a deeper understanding of financial activities and trends, aiding in more accurate budgeting, auditing, and decision-making processes.

This HIA historical data import tool is a big step above other import tools in the industry, both because of the detail it captures and because of its speed and capacity. Whereas with other accounting software any history has to be uploaded month-by-month, with HIA’s new tool the data can be imported multiple years at a time, potentially saving days and weeks worth of time, depending on how many years are being imported.

HIA Founder & CEO Charlie Fritsch noted, “We are excited to have developed a tool that enables hoteliers to retain such detailed historical data, so that they can easily upgrade to more modern accounting software without the fear of losing any crucial information.” 

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HIA offers hotel accounting and intelligence software built for growth. HIA is the only hotel-specific accounting software that offers enterprise level technology including workflows, automations, and integrations to help hoteliers win back their time. Embrace a streamlined future with a flexible, scalable solution built for the modern hotelier. Request a Demo to learn how our ERP technology is transforming how hotel management companies do accounting.

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