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The Real Time Commitment to Change Hotel Accounting Software

Moving your company’s accounting from one program to another is a big deal.

Anytime there is a change, people need to unlearn old ways of doing things and learn their way around a new system. If the new system looked the same as the old and performed functions in exactly the same way, then there would be no point in switching.

When making the move to modern hotel accounting software, the goal is to do things better. To automate tasks and streamline processes. When evaluating new technology providers, look for qualities that will make the transition easier for you and your team.

Key qualities of a good training and onboarding program:

  1. Flexible
  2. Accommodating
  3. Structured

At Hotel Investor Apps, we understand the time crunch everyone is under. We work with our clients to create an onboarding and training schedule which is comfortable and effective.

    1. HIA flexible training programs can be remote (virtual) or in-person training at your facilities or ours, depending on what will work best for your team. Some clients love the convenience of training at their own computers and desks and avoiding the hassle and cost of travel. Other clients find that in-person training provides more value because it is easier to block out distractions and give 100% focused attention.
  1. HIA respects your time. Training is broken down by user role, providing separate training for system administrators, clerks, GMs, etc. In addition, training is divided by topic and delivered in bite-sized chunks, approximately 2 – 3 hours, so that everyone can easily digest the information before the next meal – I mean training 😉.
  2. HIA has the experience to guide you through the onboarding and training process. The HIA implementation team lets you know what we need and when then we will work with you to get the data into the system. We work with all users, every step of the way to get them comfortable in the system. We offer suggestions on best practices, while also outlining the many possibilities open to your team to set up processes exactly the way you want.

Seriously though, how much time will it take?

To completely retrain your eyes and your brain on a new software takes time – but not as much time as you might think. Below are the approximate hours of training by role.

  • CFO/ Controller/ System Admin – 8 Hours
  • Corporate Accounting Team – 5 Hours
  • AP Clerk – 2.5 Hours
  • GM – 2.5 Hours

In summary, there is no way to directly upload the training to your brain, matrix style, but you can choose a hotel accounting provider that is flexible and accommodating, as well as one that guides you with good structure. In the end, we think you will agree, the return on investment of your training time will be quickly recouped in the time savings of modern software designed to automate tasks and streamline processes.

If you are ready to see whether Hotel Investor Apps would have a positive ROI for your company, request a demo here.

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