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Are you spending more time thinking then doing?

It’s important to think through your options before making a decision, especially when it comes to your hotel company’s back-office technology. However, what is the appropriate amount of thinking, and when does it become overthinking?

There are two reasons you might get stuck spending more time thinking about something than it even takes to do something. First, you might get stuck in the research phase. Secondly, you might get stuck overthinking and worrying.

The research is good. When it comes to hotel accounting, business intelligence, budgeting, employee expense, and all the other pieces of your back-office software, you should know the technologies available, which fit your needs, and how those solutions compare to one another.

Your time is no longer effective when you find yourself going down too many rabbit holes. You don’t need to train on a new platform before you have even committed to using it.

Getting lost in the research makes the process of switching software programs feel like chewing a triple-decker burger, instead of all you really need: a good patty. The bottom line, it won’t be more than you can chew if you just focus on the meat of the issue.

Feeling overwhelmed can bring you into the next phase, overthinking and worrying.

As reported by Banner Health in “How to stop overthinking and defeat decision fatigue”, “Overthinking makes things feel bigger, more important, or more complicated than they really are,”. This can lead to decision fatigue. To avoid wasting time and energy, consider your options and allocate a set amount of time for research. Marisa Menchola, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist at Banner Health says, “Pick a few sources you will consult, pick a few people you will talk to, and set a deadline for when you will make a decision”.

Switching hotel accounting programs or any back-office software is a big decision, but it does not have to be a scary one.

A good software provider will not only provide expertise during your research phase but will also provide a flexible and accommodating training and onboarding program.

Read more about the key qualities of a good training and onboarding program here.

Instead of worrying, you can take action and follow these 4 Steps to a Successful Hotel ERP Implementation, read the article here.

At Hotel Investor Apps, we like to help our clients solve problems. HIA clearly defines requirements and time commitments, and we will fit the training around your schedule. If you are still feeling overwhelmed, we can guide you toward consulting services that can handle all your exports and setups.

We help our clients spend less time thinking about it and less time doing it.

HIA recently surpassed the expectations of one owning operating group. They had expected the onboarding process to be “painful”, but they were pleased and impressed it was going so smoothly.

If you are ready to take action about your hotel accounting and back-office technology, do something right now that brings you closer to achieving your goal. Call Chris Hall for an initial strategy session on your accounting and back-office technology. (410) 489-7500 x216 or Request a Demo here.

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