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Rainmaker Hospitality Partners with Hotel Investor Apps

Rainmaker Hospitality, a full-service hotel management company based in Kentucky, have moved their portfolio of 18 hotels onto the Hotel Investor Apps (HIA) software, the only cloud Enterprise Resource Planning platform specialized for the hotel industry. Rainmaker is a family company with a management philosophy to focus on investor returns through efficient operations.

According to Prakash Maggan, CFO at Rainmaker, “We want to be as efficient as possible. HIA is helping us do that”.

Hotel Investor Apps ERP & Accounting software is a financial management, business intelligence, budgeting, and work flow software all in one. Plus, it offers countless integrations to serve as one central data and analysis hub for the entire business.

Charlie Fritsch, CEO of Hotel Investor Apps describes the technology as “leveling the playing field. Because it gives any size company all the advanced functionality and intelligence that was previously priced out of reach for many companies”. However, Fritsch is quick to add, “This technology gives our customers a competitive advantage to do more, pay less and make better, more informed decisions”. Rainmaker made the switch to Hotel Investor Apps after getting frustrated with the lack of technology and pace of change from their old accounting software. Rainmaker appreciates the new technology as they look to grow their portfolio strategically. Maggan loves the time-savings with Hotel Investor Apps, he said “The speed is better with HIA. Any information I want to pull from multiple companies, I can do it very quickly. I can refresh reports without exiting and re-running. I can open many tabs and make a change and see that change immediately in a report. I love that”.

Hotel Investor Apps is designed for the hospitality industry and built on Acumatica, consistently named one of the best ERP software products by leading publications. Next-generation technologies offer efficiency to close monthly books faster and with fewer errors. Automations can eliminate hours of staff time every day, for instance, automated bank reconciliation or automatically recurring transactions.

Rainmaker takes full advantage of recurring transactions. Maggan says, “It is very easy to set up and save time. Once I set a recurring expense on a schedule, it runs, literally, like clockwork. I don’t need to worry about. I don’t need to do anything. But it is also easy to modify”.

Fritsch stresses the importance of redirecting staff time from repetitive or mundane tasks towards business growth such as benchmarking expenses or planning budgets. He says, “HIA’s automated features alleviate some of the burden on management staff at every level, by saving time for the CEO, and CFO down to the junior accountant or General Manager”. He continues, “Especially at this time, when hotels and hotel companies are running with bare-bones staff, it is essential to be proactive in managing time-usage. Another advantage during this challenging time is the easy access to your financial and operational data and the built-in dashboards, reports, and analysis. Because every company wants an advantage when it comes to planning and decision making”.

“We, at Rainmaker, love the efficiency. The functionality is powerful. It makes life easier”, finishes Maggan.

Hotel Investor Apps is a hotel specific ERP & accounting solution with unique functionality designed for hotels and developed on the Acumatica ERP platform. Acumatica is a true cloud solution with advanced automations and 300+ integrated software solutions. Hotel Investor Apps is the only hotel-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software on the market. It offers one platform to manage all hotel operations and business systems as well as automated hotel PMS and STR data importing and analysis. The pre-built and customizable dashboards, reports, and full-functionality mobile app keeps all stakeholders informed with accurate, timely intelligence through customized controlled access individual user ID security settings.

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