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ERP Development Highlights of 2023

As a company dedicated to continuous development, Hotel Investor Apps is always working to improve our hotel ERP platform and user experience. In 2023, we released new exciting industry-first import features, added new integrations, improved the user experiences, and expanded business intelligence features, among others. Here are some of the development highlights:

New Industry-first Import Tools

HIA’s own in-house development team created phenomenal new historical data import tools for new hotel entering the system. This includes for both the initial company onboarding as well as for existing customers adding new hotels to the system from acquisition or management contract. 

The GL Legacy Import Tool allows for the transfer of General Ledger (GL) transactional detail into HIA, which can be imported for multiple years at a time. This allows for deeper understanding of historical financial activity (the story behind the numbers) for new hotel acquisitions and management contracts. The GL Legacy Import Tool is beyond anything else on the market (other competitors can only import Trial Balance level data) because of the transaction level detail it captures as well as its speed and capacity. (Other competitors can only upload one month at a time, whereas HIA can upload multiple years of data at once.)

Also, HIA’s new AP Legacy Import Tool allows customers to bring over all AP bills and open AP as well as vendors. This tool facilitates new hotels to onboard as smoothly as possible with detailed data and the reduction of vendor duplicates. 

New Banking Integration

HIA has announced its second FinTech bank aggregator integration with MX Technologies. As part of HIA’s BankConnect functionality (live bank balances), MX expands the available number of integrated financial institutions to over 12,000 in North America and globally. Learn more about BankConnect here. 

New Product! Excel Connect

When it comes to reporting, budgeting, and planning, we know that many accountants still enjoy the flexibility that Excel brings. In this powerful new integration, HIA offers a direct API connection with Excel, so users can work with real-time HIA data in excel, and then easily write back the data into HIA as desired. 

This Excel Connect integration enhances users’ report building experience, has an smart refresh feature to keep data current at any time, has a smart drilldown to access source information in HIA, and has a writeback feature to push any updated data back into HIA. And it does all this with a private, direct connection that is controlled by the same user role permissions as within HIA for enhanced security and protection. 

New Developments in Business Intelligence 

In 2023, HIA further enhanced its BI Operations Module as well as the BI Labor Module to provide more data, more speed in visualization and processing, and more insights. Some of these enhancements include: 

– Increased detail provided for food & beverage financials and analysis. 

– New separate Full and Limited Financial Views Dashboards to better focus in on key details.

– Additional tracking for daily rooms rented and room revenue by market segmentation, including detailed transient and Group ADR totals. 

– Updated Labor Employee Details dashboard with more data and a more user-friendly presentation.

– Enhanced filtering options such as to change the default start of the week.

– New scheduling and sending of dashboard reports by email.

– Enhanced integrations with payroll and time & attendance providers Netchex and Inova to provide more complete labor details.  

– Increased processing speed for faster data visualization and increased frequency of data synchronization for the most accurate, current data possible. 

Exciting New PMS and POS Integrations and Enhancements!

clock pms

Clock PMS Integration

Lightspeed POS logo

Lightspeed POS Integration

Toast logo.svg

Toast Tab POS Integration

autoclerk its how you manage

AutoClerk PMS Integration


Hotel Key PMS Integration


Squirrel POS Integration

synxis sabre2

SynXis PMS Integration

opera cloud

Opera Cloud PMS Integration


Infor PMS Integration

oracle micros pos 2

Micros 1.17 POS Integration

oracle micros pos 2

Micros 2.0 Enhancement

visual matrix

Visual Matrix Enhancement

User-Experience Improvements

In our quest to provide the best back office software for hotels, HIA collected user feedback and made several enhancements to the user experience. For instance, a new soft delete functionality has been added to the PMS mapping page, to allow for easier recovery, if needed; additional columns can be displayed on select grids; and there are more daily report fields which are now mappable for dashboards. Additionally, there are now user-defined financial reporting rules. We are excited to keep providing new features for our users!

Looking Ahead to 2024

HIA is dedicated to continually improving our hotel intelligence and accounting platform and have already laid out a development road map for 2024 including new integrations, user-experience enhancements, and new business intelligence modules! Many exciting things to come.

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