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2023 Top Trending Articles Round-Up

As we wrap up 2023 and look towards 2024, here is a quick round-up of some of the top trending articles on back office innovation from this past year.

The topics include Top Integrations, Business Intelligence, Real-time Reporting, Best How-To Guides, and more. We also share Future Predictions and 2024 Forecasts.

We look forward to sharing more hotel technology news in 2024!

The Economy and 2024 Predictions

Critical thinking for proactive hotel management

The Good and the Bad of the Year Ahead – by R. Mark Woodworth

Economic Forecasts & Identifying Opportunities in 2024

Embracing Technology to Stay Ahead in the Hotel Industry: Trends and Predictions for the Future


Top Integrations & Business Intelligence


accounts payable harried

Introducing Excel Connect powered by Velixo

Why AP Automation is a Must for Hotels

5 Best Business Intelligence Software for Hotels in 2023

Essential Hospitality Tools: What is Business Intelligence for Hotels?


Top Reporting & Data Migration


audit 7476720 1920

Leveraging Real-Time Reporting in the Hotel Industry: A Game Changer

Vital Daily Hotel Management Reports You Need to Boost Efficiency and Drive Growth (With Examples)

Overcoming Migration Hurdles: How HIA Imports Historical Data

The Danger of being Caught without General Ledger History in an Audit


Top Back Office Guides


Hotel Automation

How Hotel Automation Saves Time And How to Get the Most Out of It

True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud: What’s the Difference?

The True Cost of Not Updating Your Hotel Accounting Software

8 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Hotel Budget


Top Appointments


Stacy Silver

Stacy Silver Joins HIA Board of Directors

HIA Welcomes New VP for West Coast

HIA Expands with New VP for East Coast

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